Singing Bowls: Unveiling Its Healing and Medicinal Uses


Do you know about singing bowls? What are the rationale behind its high demand and popularity worldwide? Do you believe of the testimonies of numerous men and women that these singing bowls have the ability in healing diverse kinds of ailments and diseases? Should these bowls catch your interests and you want to learn more about it, then you are advised to continue perusing this article.

An Overview of the Singing Bowls

For decades, the Silver Sky Imports singing bowls had been used by the monks of the ancient Tibet and this had been passed on from generation to generation until the present time. That is why, you can still find myriad individuals who are the singing bowls for diverse reasons.

Unveiling the Uses of the Singing Bowls

There are multitude of men and women around the world who used the singing bowls for relaxation, healing as well as meditation purposes. These bowls functions similar to bells as it produced melodious and harmonic sound whenever you played it. These singing bowls came from Tibet but these are used and played in Bhutan, India and Nepal. The Tibetan Llamas considered these bowls sacred and they used it thousands of years until the present time.

Conventionally, these singing bowls are constructed from the mixture of the different seven metals so as to produce that deep, relaxing and harmonic melody and tones. The sounds produced by the singing bowls had the ability in creating harmony between our souls and bodies. The moment we placed the singing bowls on our bodies, the sound waves will reach every cell in our bodies through its vibrations. These products had long been used in furnishing healing results to damaged and sick bodies but it can also be utilized for various relaxation purposes as well.

Ways of Playing the Singing Bows

Actually, there are two different methods of playing these singing bowls. You can either use the mallet or wooden stick to produce the desire singing tones that you want to hear. The sounds and tones produced from it depend largely on the manner of how you hit it with the wooden stick or mallet.

To use these bowls at, it is advised that you lay flat and comfortably. Then, you can place these singing bowls on your chest and use your preferred tool to produce the tones and vibrations. You will not only hear the sounds but its sound waves will penetrate in the different parts of your body. It will resonate in your chests and to the other areas of your body.


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